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Commentary: Whirled clones aren't allowed to use the Whirled name, which is what Whirled Club is doing.

When five's comments are getting upvoted and make a point and Zexvain's are getting downvoted... Y0 is right about Five. Five is just striking against the horrible Whirled Club mods, he doesn't cause harm anymore. Zexvain has a history of literally exposing peoples nudes, (aka da ali), working with people the likes of Slav, and harassing people in the past she didnt like Five is a better person now, but Zexvain, on the other hand, still pokes fun at other clones Even though Tensor Town has only one mod, that mod is one that doesn't start or get involved with drama so even though it's a bit buggy, it is the better site. The only good mod on the whole site of is Monoreo. I can't even post a comment without the fear of being buried in downvotes or being misunderstood. Zexvain once sent a Rickroll as a comment on her wall. This shows how serious these mods are if you ask me. You would think Zexvain would bully everyone. ...Zexvain or Admiral one. I can just feel that Whirled Club is going to collapse soon. Everything just seems fishy...

Hello, reader! Be sure to try out Tensor Town!


Unban Shadowsych

If you're reading this and you are Vox, Admiral, or Monoreo, I'd like to ask you to unban Shadowsych. He did nothing wrong. The only reason you banned him is because you can't handle competition.


Testing Out The HTML5 Whirled
This was fun!

Whoa, Aduros knows about Tensor Town!

This is a Strange New Whirled!
Credits: Reesekin

Look at this nice Brach Fan Club on Tensor Town!

More things are coming soon, check back for updates about Whirled Club mods and other stuff.